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Claas JAGUAR 960 fôrhøster Claas JAGUAR 960 € 219 000 Fôrhøster 2017 1510 m/t Tyskland, Visbek-Rechterfeld
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Type:  fôrhøster
Sted:  Tyskland Hamburg
Dato oppført:  mer enn 1 måned
Agronetto ID:  XD39741
Stand:  brukt

Mer informasjon — Fôrhøster

Bereifung (v): 620/70R30, Kabine
Jaguar 960;;wir bieten 2017 Claas 960 an;;We offer 2017 Claas 960;;Automatic trailer hitch;V-MAX 36-knife chopping unit;Wear ribs, serrated/smooth for lower feed roller, retro fit pack;Maize knife V-MAX 36, retro fit pack;PREMIUM LINE universal shear bar, retro fit pack;PREMIUM LINE maize shear bar, retro fit pack;MULTI CROP CRACKER CLASSIC L, 125/125 teeth, hard-chrome plated;Crop flow XL PREMIUM LINE professional;Corncracker gap setting, electrohydraulic;Precompression, standard;Silage additive system with integrated tank;ACTISILER 20 - metering system for concentrated additive;Front attachment drive fixed speed, prepared for DIRECT DISC;Universal shear bar;Turret L with electrohydraulic accelerator adjustment;Upper discharge spout, reinforced;Upper discharge chute extension L, PREMIUM LINE;Upper discharge chute lighting, standard;Drive axle L (10-hole);Drive axle tyres 800/70 R38 181 A8;Steering drive axle 4WD, rigid (8-hole);Steering axle tyres 620/70 R30 178 A8;Ground speed 40 km/h;MB S6-cyl. OM 473 LA, 460 kW/626 hp, ECE R 120;Fuel consumption metering;Constant fan drive;Comfort cab w. A/C MATIC – automatic climate control and heating;Radio with MP3 function;Passenger seat;windscreen wiper system for side and rear windows;Air horn;OPTION READY;CEBIS terminal with CompactFlash card slot;Rear camera with CEBIS display;PROFI CAM;Monitor for PROFI CAM / AUTO FILL;Printer;TELEMATICS advanced licence – 1 year;Comfort seat, air-suspended;Work lighting, LED – Plus;Storage box M;Multifunction control lever;Communication module UMTS;Locking system, standard;Rear lamps, standard;CRUISE PILOT forward travel control;OPTI FILL automatic discharge spout rotation;Rear-view mirrors, electrically adjustable and heated;Central lubrication system, automatic;Service and step lightning;Prepared for ORBIS transport system;Statutory overwidth equipment, Germany;2 rotating beacons;Tool kit – Basic;Fire extinguisher;Hydraulic oil, standard
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